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............................................................................. - Elizabeth Cozzi speaks of how Island Better Hearing improved her lifestyle through her self-confidence and public image. The Cozzi Family also speaks about their experiences in finding "the right place" for Elizabeth. 


Thursday, March 19, 2015 @ Bertucci's Restaurant. Cochlear (tm) Mount Sinai Hospital and Island Better Hearing assembled a limited-time seminar to present a comprehensive study and current information on the COCHLEAR IMPLANT procedure. It covers today's advances in technology and the modern procedures that make the implant a true advancement in hearing aid solutions. The Cochlear Implant is another step toward better hearing and a major advancement in the restoration of hearing.

Dr. Lori Trentacoste, AuD headlines the presentation by presenting the technical benefits of the implant procedure its advantages over standard over-the-ear hearing aids.





Musicians are some of the greatest fans of the auditory experience. From concerts to playing pre-recorded music to performing publicly, music is a way of life that defines their existence. They also happen to be the guiltiest culprits for damaging their own hearing. A whopping 42% of all musicians - that's 11.5% more cases suffering from intermittent to chronic TINNITUS to HEARING LOSS are surveyed over the rate or U.S. construction workers and military personnel COMBINED!

John Rullo, leader of the Long Island band, THE COCKTAILS has been a performing artist since age 16. His love for performing in front of crowds and "jamming" with his band mates in front of loud amps and blasting drum kits as well as encapsulating his ears in countless headphones of varying quality and amplification has recently resulted in a less-than-favorable hearing test results. "I know for a fact that I lost a good amount of my high frequency hearing ability... I have several musician friends with significant hearing loss and ringing in the ear."


This does not stop the veteran rocker from "playing out" every weekend in dive bars and venues all across the Island- in fact, it is actually the inspiration to keep going. "All passions come with a price- and to hear the audience come alive because of the music I make is my gift to the world... but now I'm growing smart(er) about wearing the musician ear plugs- if I want to keep going".

Unfortunately the percentage of musicians from the stark amateur to the traveling professional who suffer drastic hearing issues cover just short of 50% of the entire population. "Loud is a big part of the music experience..." says Tami Racaniello, (vocal trainer and wellness expert). "We don't want to kill our ears, that would be suicide for a music lover- we just don't realize the actual damage that extreme volume can inflict on the life of our ears... and this is the unfortunate ignorance of any musician!"


Optimal support in the most challenging listening situations, great sound quality and a discreet, modern design.

  • So small that it virtually disappears behind the ear
  • Choice of styles at different price levels
  • An option to help manage tinnitus

Phonak Audéo V - Wear them. Love them. Forget them. (PDF, 675kB)

User Guide Phonak Audéo V (PDF, 1MB)


Phonak Programs, Features & Benefits
Your life, your soundscape

Thanks to unique and unmatched features you will be able to capture more of the voices and sounds you want and need to hear. Actively holding a conversation while enjoying the outdoors on a windy day or focusing on a single voice in a noisy crowd. These are just two examples of challenging environments where you will be able to communicate and understand more with ease. This table is provided as a general overview. Some features may be product or model dependent.

INTRODUCING a brand new social group carved out of the LinkedIn society. ISLAND BETTER LIVING GROUP- a completely fresh new connection for the LONG ISLAND CARE-GIVING COMMUNITY. Spearheaded by Dr. Lori Trentacoste, Dr. Andrew J. Rochman and a wide cast of who's who in healthcare and wellness, this network comprises of all professionals committed to improving others' lives either physically, spiritually, or socially.

THE ISLAND BETTER LIVING GROUP supports fellow members through collaboration, info-sharing, resource publishing, article writing/blogging and personal connections. The forum is rich in content for global distribution and the general public can greatly benefit from the many experiential data that comes from those who have dedicated their lives to providing care to our society.

This one-of-a-kind private group provides a platform for professionals from the fields of: health and wellness, non-profit sectors, fundraisers and charities, education, child care, eldercare, pet care, environmental/ sustainable living, anti-aging, fitness and other areas that fulfills a better existence for all individuals. This network is exclusive to the Long Island region for easy communication and connections but the BETTER LIVING series promisees to grow outside of the Long Island region once this prototype has fulfilled its objectives.

Talks are underway building this network concept in the Westchester area- as architect Lennard Gettz has already planted the geo/demo framework with a current project called the NYEA- (New York Entrepreneurs Alliance) where membership since the beginning of 2015 ranks in the thousands.