Alliance Abounds with Caregivers! Special thanks to David Carr and Mitch Shapiro for a tremendous act of kindness by producing this mission to help unaffording members of the Brookhaven community hear again!

LIAHP Director Joins Foundation for Sight and Sound in Community Mission
Jan 15, 2016.- Dr. Lori Trentacoste , Dr. Tara Mazzone and long time WIDEX ally Aviva Brandsdorfer donated services and consultation time to Three deserving Suffolk County residents - a disabled adolescent, a young adult with multiple disabilities, and a grandmother who adopted her three grandchildren, received new hearing devices utilizing the newest hearing aid technology, from Widex Corporation, according to representatives from the Help America Hear Program sanctioned by Foundation for Sight and Sound and McGuire's Hearing Aids & Audiology Services.
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NEFCU starting with Island Better Hearing. (L-R) Tami Racaniello (promoter of Wellness@Work), Joe Soulier (VP of IBAH) and Dr. Tracey Lynch (Audiologist of IBH)
Corporate Wellness Season Starts in Huntington
NEFCU (North Eastern Federal Credit Union) is the first stop for Island Better Hearing on a complete Long Island tour of health fairs, health expos and corporate presentations. Special thanks to NEFCU branch manager John Schneidawin for his support and vision for kickstarting this 2016 islandwide tour to spread the word about hearing health. More companies and major corporations are to follow this educational health trend to bring wellness into the workplace.

Publisher Stoff Gives Nod to LIAHP in Rejuvenate! Emag with #1 Video Installment

March, 2016.- There's no stopping the dynamic hearing helpers of "The Alliance" as launch pad members of the CareGivers Group, Dr. Jesse A. Stoff, co-publisher of the new Rejuvenate! wellness mag, Carmen Regallo-Dewitt, educational media director Lennard Gettz and host/promoter Diana Schreck joined to produce the first installment in a major educational series of video spotlights in the new Rejuvenate! YouTube Channel. Episode 1 is titled "Preserving your Hearing Health"- an assemblage of informative yet community-based coverage of what's going on with America's hearing disorders. Special interviews with Suffolk County Legislator Dr. William Spencer (President of the Suffolk Medical Association) and an excerpt from Councilman Eugene Cook's HuntingtonTV.

"We have been excited about the LIAHP's progress for quite some time now- if Rejuvenate! is about complete wellness, it doesn't get more on-target than to kick off the video series about hearing health because the topic is connected with so many areas of our lives, from our mental & psychological state to our social connectivity, our aging issues to all the new things that contribute to hearing loss like our technology to pharma side effects...", states Stoff. (See Rejuvenate! Magazine)

LOOPING AT TOWN HALL: Huntington Launches Major Tech Breakthrough for Hearing Impaired
To enable better hearing for the hearing impaired in public spaces like auditoriums or municipal courts, the technology called a HEARING LOOP is now available. This is a device that circles a room and is con- nected to the sound system. The loop transmits the sound electromagnetically where the signal can be picked up by the telecoil in one’s hearing aid or cochlear implant DIRECTLY. In Councilman Eugene Cook's video series at the Hun- tington Channel, he called on Director of General Services Mark Tyree and Dr. Lori Trentacoste to present the benefits of the first looping installation in Suffolk County (Huntington Town Hall). "Places of public accommodation must give all persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate and to benefit from their services", stated Tyree. "... it's widely due to the fact that enough people with hearing challenges have made it a huge issue." Such technology encourages more of our community members to join in public events and gatherings.

State Assembly Pushes School Mandate for Hearing Testing to all 12th Graders: LIAHP's Early Intervention Crusade Gets Heard in Albany;
Feb, 2016- NYS Assemblyman Andrew P. Raia gave astounding support for Dr. Lori Trentacoste’s hearing health advocacy for Suffolk County youth by launching a bill proposal in the NYS Assembly to enforce testing in 12th Grade. Mr. Raia who is also the ranking member of the Assembly’s Health Committee in Albany has already gained great sponsorships from many elected officials with this proposal. The final year of hearing testing before teens go off to college is considered the most at-risk age for hearing disorders prompted by technology abuse, metabolic changes and health issues. “Passing this bill would be a touchdown for our struggles with our current hearing health epidemic... and by dedicating attention to the hearing loss problem in youngsters, early detection can also brings to light possible learning issues as well as any psychological, social or physical health problems,” says Dr. Trentacoste.