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Noise Causes Hearing Loss!

Hearing loss is considered as the second leading cause of a global burden, and a major disability which affects the quality of life of the people suffering from it. While there might be a number of different reasons for reported hearing loss in an individual, noise is a major contributing factor as well. Hereditary factors, complications at birth, and exposure to dangerously loud noises, are some other common reasons for hearing loss in individuals.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss –
Affecting Hearing Abilities

Noise induced hearing loss involves exposure to dangerously high levels of sounds for an extended period of time. Noise induced hearing loss can be a temporary issue or it might become a permanent problem, if an individual is exposed to high decibel noises for a long time.

According to statistics, around 15% of the American population, which is 26 million people that lie between the 20 to 69 years age bracket, suffer from noise induced hearing loss. (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders (NIDCD)). This noise induced hearing loss might be due to noise at work or exposure to sounds during leisure activities.

According to a survey conducted by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, around 16% of the teens and young adults, aged between 12 and 19 years, were noted to suffer from hearing loss that was attributed to prolonged exposure to dangerously high sound levels. (Josef Shargorodsky, 2010)

How Does Noise Induced
Hearing Loss Occur?

The dangerously high decibel sounds damage the hearing nerves and the hearing cells of the inner ear. This is called as sensorineural hearing loss or nerve damage. This kind of damage mighty be brought about by exposure to sounds of high intensity for brief spells, that might include explosions, or continuous sound in a work environment. The hearing loss might be immediate or it might affect a person, slowly over a period of time. (John Hopkins Medicine ).

The hearing loss might also result in TINNITUS, which is a condition in which there is a ringing sound that is continuously heard in the head. This ringing or buzzing sound is heard as a result of damage to the ears, due to prolonged exposure to loud sounds.

Sounds that might result in noise induced hearing loss include:

  • Firing of guns
  • Motorcycles
  • Airplanes
  • Personal audio devices switched to high frequency sounds
  • Lawn mowers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Chain saws
  • Jet engine
  • Construction and heavy machinery

Sounds that are of 80 decibels are considered to be safe, while normal conversations are shared at 60 decibels. A sound of 90 decibels produced from lawn mowers might affect a gradual hearing loss over a period of time. At 110 decibels, sounds from chain saws should be avoided by wearing protective ear wear to avoid any damage to the hearing, while sounds at 140 decibels approximately, produced in rock concerts and by firecrackers, are dangerous enough to cause permanent hearing loss in an individual. (John Hopkins Medicine ).

To avoid hearing loss and damage from loud noises, ear plugs that fit into the outer ear canal of a person need to be used, while wear muffs that cover the entire outer ear are a good option as well. Decreasing the intensity of the sound to a safe level and avoiding prolonged exposure to dangerously high sound levels can help minimize the damage caused by noised induced hearing loss as well. 

Click to download our FREE Powerpoint presentation on the LIAHP Advocacy Mission and our objectives toward healing the largest epidemic in the country.

40 Million Americans Suffer From
Hearing Loss – A Hard Fact!

By: Dr. Lori Trentacoste, Au. D., CCC-A
Doctor of Audiology

According to the recent statistics published by the World Health Organization, around 360 million people all over the world, suffer from hearing loss, out of which 40 million are Americans! (World Health Organization , 2015). An individual might suffer from mild, severe, moderate or profound hearing loss, which might affect one or both ears. A hearing loss which is greater than 40 decibels in adults, and more than 30 decibels in children, is referred to as disabling hearing loss.  

Statistical Information

Men exhibit a higher propensity to suffer from hearing loss, compared to women. (Clarke, JW, & Blackwell, 2012). Around 15% of the American adults, who are aged 18 and above; report trouble in hearing, according to the statistics reported by the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD).

Also, around 2 to 3 children out of every 1000 babies born in the U.S., suffer from hearing loss which is detectable. According to a research conducted by the NIDCD, around 15% of the Americans who lie in the age bracket of 20 to 69, suffer from a high frequency of hearing loss, which is caused by exposure to noise at work or during other activities.

Furthermore, according to a survey study conducted by the NIDCD, around 2% of the adults who are aged from 45 to 54 are reported to have a disabling hearing loss. This rate for the occurrence of hearing loss is seen to elevate to 8.5% in adults who are aged between 55 and 64. The study also revealed alarming statistics that around 25% of individuals aged from 65 to 74, and 50% of those aged 75 or older, had reported suffering from hearing loss.  (National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), 2015) 

Basis For Measuring Hearing Loss

Hearing loss might be caused due to hereditary factors, medical negligence, delay or lack of timely treatment, complications at time of birth, and contraction of a severe disease at an early stage in life. Hearing loss is calculated based on the decibels which are audible to an individual. This congenital abnormality is assessed through a set of audiologic tests, which include acoustic admittance measurement tests, hearing history, and other physiological and behavioral procedures.

Sophisticated testing procedures like auditory brainstem response, Otoacoustic emissions, behavioral observation audiometry, speech and conditioned audiometry and visual reinforcement audiometry are used to determine the level of hearing loss in an individual. The tests are conducted based on the age of the patient. The basis for measuring the degree of severity of hearing loss is:

- Normal: From -10 to 15 decibels
- Mild: 26 to 40 decibels
- Moderate: 41 to 55 decibels
- Severe: 71 to 90 decibels
- Profound: Greater than 90 decibels

Demographic Studies

The traditional nuclear income family dynamics are changing in the industry, with both parents working full time, and leaving the children in day care or with relatives. Divorce rate in the country has also risen to 50%, and the changing family structural dynamics are reported to have a great impact on the work of auditory professionals, who identify, diagnose and treat hearing loss in children and adults. Low income families have children that are more vulnerable to suffering from hearing impairment, due to the lack of proper and timely medical care. (Rhodes & Perigoe) These families also often lack the resources to provide their children with the required medical care and treatment needed for improvement.

Amongst the minority groups within the country, the number of children reported with a rising percentage of hearing loss cases has been highest in the Spanish community. 11.5% of the total households, which were identified with cases of children suffering from hearing loss, belonged to Spanish families. (Rhodes & Perigoe). Certain ethnic groups are also identified with a higher number of hearing loss cases, which is attributed to consanguineous marriages. (Rhodes & Perigoe) Around 49% of individuals diagnosed with hearing loss belonged to different ethnic groups, out of which 15.4% are African American, 4.3% are Asian Americans and 24.5% Hispanic American. (Rhodes & Perigoe)

Over the years, there has been a rising trend observed in the number of reported cases for hearing loss, all across the country, which is seen as a major cause for concern by experts.     

Dr. Lori Trentacoste: Top Melville Audiologist Battles Hearing Loss Epidemic With Prevention Seminars & Alliance

MELVILLE, NY, May 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The LIAHP- (The Long Island Alliance of Hearing Preservation) launched its official 2015 Hearing Loss Prevention Initiatives with a Prevention Seminar series at the South Huntington Library where sufferers and info seekers attended to get firsthand understanding and options about their hearing loss.  Led and co-founded by medical director and audiologist Lori Trentacoste, the LIAHP also met with Suffolk County Dept. of Health director Dr. James Tomarkin this week to discuss island-wide initiatives to pursue education-based programs to bring awareness efforts and free resources to hearing loss sufferers. "It is an epidemic that affects 40 million Americans and is the 3rd largest health disorder next to heart disease and arthritis... it demands real attention and true measures for prevention and safety."

For the complete press release, click HERE.

May 16, 2017, South Huntington Public Library- The Hearing Health Community Seminar by Island Better Hearing marks the 25th Anniversary of this informative series and has received great response from a group of new attendees with first-time coverage of the Tinnitus topic. Founder of the Hearing Health Seminar series, Dr. Lori Trentacoste, upgrades the program by adding new resources and experts. The series continues to deliver vital information about hearing loss and new developments in the pursuit for a better quality of life through improved hearing. This year's event introduces Dr. Tiffany Brown- a world-recognized speaker from Widex USA on the topic of TINNITUS. Her presentation on the issue involving 'ringing in the ears' proved to be a comprehensive review on this symptom, its many aggravating factors and the many new treatment options available. "There are literally millions of people that suffer from Tinnitus worldwide - it goes hand in hand with hearing loss... individuals can suffer from depression, anxiety, frustration and stress. We do these seminars to help the public identify the issue and the list of current solutions that are right for everyone," states Dr. Brown.

May 4, 2017- Suffolk County audiologist and hearing health & safety advocate Dr. Lori Trentacoste met with South Huntington superintendent Dr. David Bennardo to discuss a special awareness program dedicated to the hearing health of teachers (both active and retired). According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, a significant number of occupational hearing loss cases is recorded in teachers nationwide. Heathyhearing.com states in a September 2016 study that "teachers between the ages of 18 and 44 reported a significantly higher rate of diagnosed hearing problems (26 percent) than the national average (17 percent). That 9 percent difference, is evidence that the work environment is a major contributing factor to teachers’ hearing problems."

Dr. Trentacoste outlined various plans to bring her public outreach to So. Huntington teachers through free faculty presentations, hearing screenings and additional hearing health benefits additional to their current health insurance. Altogether, the public mission is to alert teachers all over Long Island of the impending hearing health risks of the teaching profession and the preventative measures that can be implemented. "I was very impressed with Dr. Bennardo's support and attention to this matter", states Dr. Trentacoste. "he was quite understanding of our entire proposal to help the teachers. He extended an invite for us to join their next So. Huntington Health & Wellness Fair as well as initiated a faculty wide conference about teachers' hearing loss in the beginning of the 2017 school year. Partnering with educators is a great step for our mission to get the word out about hearing safety"

A remarkable turnout at the first Hearing Screening for Musicians at Murphy's Music. Musicians of all ages took full advantage of this event + a supportive guest appearance by our very own NYS Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci

Hearing Screening Event at Murphy's: IBH Gives the Gift of Hearing Health to Musicians
11/10 - IBH and Murphy's Music teamed up to launch the first Community Hearing Screening Day. Dr. Lori Trentacoste and Murphy's CEO Jeff Frohman focused on musicians' hearing safety and health with a message to anyone with a passion for music: "ABUSE IT & LOSE IT". Music students as young as 6 years old lined up next to teens, adults and professionals of all levels to receive this specialized review of their hearing. It also focuses on the avid music fan who spends more than average time inside headphones and earbuds or attending loud rock concerts. This generation tends to travel at high risk for hearing loss, Tinnitus and other disorders. All who underwent a screening recognized the message of awareness for proactive hearing safety while breathing a sigh of relief of their screening results. Ryan Patterson (23) identified with the concept of prevention by stating," once you lose it, it's gone forever... you probably have hearing damage and you don't know it- and you should get the test as soon as possible."

Cinema Arts press conference and proud supporters of their recent technical advancements.

Cinema Arts Centre Presents New Equipment for Vision or Hearing Impaired
11/3 - Cinema Arts Centre held a press conference at 10 AM to announce our new equipment will allow people who are blind, deaf, and vision or hearing impaired to enjoy films inside our theaters, thanks to a generous gift from the Pless Family Fund at the Long Island Community Foundation. Great support came from elected officials such as NYS Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci, Huntington Town Councilwoman Tracey Edwards and Councilwoman Susan Berland. Additional support came from long-time crusader of the Cinema, Dr. Lori Trentacoste representing the FOUNDATION FOR SIGHT AND SOUND - whose public mission promotes aid for the visual and hearing impaired. The mission of Cinema Arts Centre is to bring the best in cinematic artistry to Long Island, and use the power of film to expand the awareness and consciousness of our community. With the use of new technological advances, we strive to ensure no one is excluded from any film-going experience. For more info, visit THE CINEMA ARTS CENTER FB.

Melville Chamber Expo 2016 at the Huntington Hilton in Melville--Photo credit: Mike Azzato

Melville Chamber Expo Unites Long Island Businesses to Network
10/25 - Over 80 local businesses exhibited to thousands of Long Island attendees to mingle with best and the brightest professionals from the Melville Chamber. Mark Catapano (chair), Dave Gustin (president) and Ted Macaluso (executive dir) brought us this special business trade show covering all bases from health and wellness experts to the finest foods and entertainment to industrial companies and everything else in between, this event showed the chamber's most exciting members as true models for business growth. "As a first time member, exhibiting at this event allowed us to meet some of the most remarkable professionals that we now have the opportunity to partner with and to network for years to come", states Joseph Soulier of Island Better Hearing. Visit the Meiville Chamber Website

IBH Hearing Health Awareness Presentation wins a captive audience at the Wolf Hill Senior Club
10/7 - The Sweet Hollow Presbyterian Church of Melville welcomes the hearing health trio from Island Better Hearing. Dr’s Lori, Tracey and Tara continue their mission to meet, engage and educate all community groups and spread the word about hearing loss and the many solutions available for the many sufferers on Long Island.
The Wolf Hill Senior Club resides its’ weekly meetings here- whereby 69+ local seniors take advantage of the social activities made available by this care-giving organization. Headed by Mr. Frank Scazzari, the Senior Club has kept its doors open to the elderly providing weekly entertainment, social games, crafts and other activities – all to “keep the seniors happy”. “So many people are in denial of hearing loss”, states Frank Scazzari. “They don't want to admit it, and some of them think it's a stigma, to have a hearing aid. Which, in this day and age, it's kinda ludicrous to think that way… Visit the Sweet Hollow Presbyterian Church Website

Dr. Lori Trentacoste and Dr. Joel Kestenbaum at the almost unveiling of the brand newly designed OPTIX FAMILY EYECARE (9/27)

Sight and Sound Partnership
9/12 - "The Mission Continues Westward!" Dr. Lori's recent induction to the Foundation for Sight and Sound helped to advance a new plan to partner with eyecare specialists in awareness projects for Long Island Eye-and-Ear health. Her first task was to reach Dr. Joel Kestenbaum (Optix Family Eyecare in Plainview, NY), an honored member and long-time supporter of the L.I. Caregivers Group. He is first in line to meet with Dr. Lori to discuss plans on how to reach schools, municipal groups and communities about the advancing optical and auditory issues that are directly linked with our physiology and well-being. "I've been doing so much research on the damaging issues from BLUE LIGHT and other eye health issues that affect us all... this is a great platform for public awareness", says Dr. Kestenbaum.

Visit Optix Family Eye Care

Raj Tawney, public relations exec. of the CAC is the first to tout the 4-page spread about his boss Charlotte Sky at the IBH Summer/Fall Newsletter "Sounds Like Great News".

L.I. Arts Pioneer is New Ambassador for Hearing Health Crusade
6/13/2016 - CINEMA ARTS CENTRE Director is dubbed Communications Ambassador of the LIAHP (Alliance for Hearing Preservation). We are proud to honor Charlotte Sky for her tireless efforts in pioneering the golden magic of cinema to our Long Island community. In this spotlight, she highlights the connection between public presentations, venue technology and hearing health vs. public engagement.

Visit our expanded Newsletter section

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Dr. Lori Elected New Board Member of Foundation for Sight and Sound
9/1/2016 - To add a major public alliance to the LIAHP and IBH community missions, CEO and Founder Mitch Shapiro offiically announced Dr. Lori's induction into the Foundation for Sight and Sound. Mr. Shapiro says, "We have been excited about Dr. Lori's work for quite some time... she has been so generous to give of herself to our public missions and has always been there for us!" This induction allows for a stronger bond to do public work and create new projects to support the growing number of victims of hearing disorders and the visually impaired of Long Island.

Visit the Foundation for Sight and Sound Website

Music Retailer (Murphy's Music & Musicology) Jeff Frohman is a true believer in hearing screening for all musicians- professional and student alike!

Murphy’s Music Joins Hearing Health Awareness Crusade
7/28/2016 - Our newest ally in the war against hearing disorders is local music store owner and school developer JEFF FROHMAN from Murphy’s Music (Melville) and Musicology (Smithtown). For over 30 years, Murphy’s has been supporting Long Island’s music community from top professionals to the new beginner. Their newly renovated studio, classrooms housing Murphy’s Garage Band Workshops and their Summer Music Performance Camp are well recognized throughout the Suffolk County area.


Brookhaven Supervisor ED ROMAINE Welcomes the LIAHP and The Foundation for Sight and Sound to his broadcast Town TV Show

Coffee Talk with the Dynamic Duo
6/13/2016 - As elected officials go, Town Supervisor ED ROMAINE uses technology to the fullest when it comes to communicating and staying in touch with the people. His website is robust, his newsletter is spot-on and his COFFEE WITH THE SUPERVISOR cable show which airs weekly from The Brookhaven Town Hall is a fantastic digital forum to spotlight some of our best local leaders. In this episode, Dr. Lori Trentacoste and Mitch Shapiro are interviewed together for the first time as two of the major forces of Long Island to bring awareness and adavocacy for the hearing impaired. Shapiro is head of The Foundation for Sight and Sound and was asked to second-seat "The Hearing Doc" to explore life with sensory disabilities and what can be done about it. Mr. Romaine asks insightful questions about their respective organizations as well as their many care-giving pursuits. It was also in this show that Mr. Shapiro announces his nominating Dr. Trentacoste as an official board member of his foundation and his insterests in working together to continue the life-long battle with helping the hearing impaired. CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE COMPLETE VIDEO.

Hearing Crusade Joined by Suffolk Comptroller as Fellow Ambassador
MELVILLE, N.Y., June 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- South Huntington Library features top audiologists from Island Better Hearing of Melville as part of "Better Hearing & Speech Month" to present their annual Hearing Health Seminar designed by Dr. Lori Trentacoste to bring awareness about hearing loss as the "third largest health epidemic in the nation".  This year's seminar brought attendees from as far as Carle Place and Babylon to learn about what measures can be done to manage all hearing issues.  IBH Audiologists Dr. Tracey Lynch and Dr. Tara Mazzone also helped to showcase modern technologies, hearing innovations and the many financial options available for the hearing impaired. "This is probably the most generous act of kindness that I have experienced from any medical office," states attendee Mary P.- "Nobody does this ... you can tell these doctors really care about helping people- they listened to us and they explained things so clearly… it's not so scary anymore".

A special appearance by Suffolk County Comptroller John M. Kennedy Jr. honored the courage of the attendees who faced their hearing loss with education.  Kennedy captured the audience by turning off the mic and annunciated loudly to the crowd to illustrate the importance of hearing and being heard.  "As an elected official, I'm your tax man… I have to listen and hear you- I have 1.5 million bosses. I have to try to internalize it and use my best efforts to address what's important to you." LINK TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

LIAHP met with Senator Flanagan's Chief of Staff Ray Bennardo and discussed technology-related hearing issues
Hearing the Future
5/2016 - In continued efforts to bring hearing loss awareness to our community leaders, the LIAHP meets with NYS Senator John Flanagan – (President of the Senate Majority Leader) to present recent statistics and discusses the growing epidemic in the youth community. "I would like to thank Dr. Lori Trentacoste for recently visiting my office to update us on the important services that the Long Island Alliance for Hearing Preservation (LIAHP) makes available for our community. The programs that LIAHP presents will help many in our community protect their hearing and we appreciate Dr. Trentacoste’s advocacy for and dedication to this important issue."

Alliance Abounds with Caregivers! Special thanks to David Carr and Mitch Shapiro for a tremendous act of kindness by producing this mission to help unaffording members of the Brookhaven community hear again!
LIAHP Director Joins Foundation for Sight and Sound in Community Mission
Jan 15, 2016.- Dr. Lori Trentacoste , Dr. Tara Mazzone and long time WIDEX ally Aviva Brandsdorfer donated services and consultation time to Three deserving Suffolk County residents - a disabled adolescent, a young adult with multiple disabilities, and a grandmother who adopted her three grandchildren, received new hearing devices utilizing the newest hearing aid technology, from Widex Corporation, according to representatives from the Help America Hear Program sanctioned by Foundation for Sight and Sound and McGuire's Hearing Aids & Audiology Services.
- see complete press release
- Fios1 news coverage
- Video from Foundation for Sight & Sound

NEFCU starting with Island Better Hearing. (L-R) Tami Racaniello (promoter of Wellness@Work), Joe Soulier (VP of IBAH) and Dr. Tracey Lynch (Audiologist of IBH)
Corporate Wellness Season Starts in Huntington
NEFCU (North Eastern Federal Credit Union) is the first stop for Island Better Hearing on a complete Long Island tour of health fairs, health expos and corporate presentations. Special thanks to NEFCU branch manager John Schneidawin for his support and vision for kickstarting this 2016 islandwide tour to spread the word about hearing health. More companies and major corporations are to follow this educational health trend to bring wellness into the workplace.

Publisher Stoff Gives Nod to LIAHP in Rejuvenate! Emag with #1 Video Installment

March, 2016.- There's no stopping the dynamic hearing helpers of "The Alliance" as launch pad members of the CareGivers Group, Dr. Jesse A. Stoff, co-publisher of the new Rejuvenate! wellness mag, Carmen Regallo-Dewitt, educational media director Lennard Gettz and host/promoter Diana Schreck joined to produce the first installment in a major educational series of video spotlights in the new Rejuvenate! YouTube Channel. Episode 1 is titled "Preserving your Hearing Health"- an assemblage of informative yet community-based coverage of what's going on with America's hearing disorders. Special interviews with Suffolk County Legislator Dr. William Spencer (President of the Suffolk Medical Association) and an excerpt from Councilman Eugene Cook's HuntingtonTV.

"We have been excited about the LIAHP's progress for quite some time now- if Rejuvenate! is about complete wellness, it doesn't get more on-target than to kick off the video series about hearing health because the topic is connected with so many areas of our lives, from our mental & psychological state to our social connectivity, our aging issues to all the new things that contribute to hearing loss like our technology to pharma side effects...", states Stoff. (See Rejuvenate! Magazine)

LOOPING AT TOWN HALL: Huntington Launches Major Tech Breakthrough for Hearing Impaired
To enable better hearing for the hearing impaired in public spaces like auditoriums or municipal courts, the technology called a HEARING LOOP is now available. This is a device that circles a room and is con- nected to the sound system. The loop transmits the sound electromagnetically where the signal can be picked up by the telecoil in one’s hearing aid or cochlear implant DIRECTLY. In Councilman Eugene Cook's video series at the Hun- tington Channel, he called on Director of General Services Mark Tyree and Dr. Lori Trentacoste to present the benefits of the first looping installation in Suffolk County (Huntington Town Hall). "Places of public accommodation must give all persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate and to benefit from their services", stated Tyree. "... it's widely due to the fact that enough people with hearing challenges have made it a huge issue." Such technology encourages more of our community members to join in public events and gatherings.

State Assembly Pushes School Mandate for Hearing Testing to all 12th Graders: LIAHP's Early Intervention Crusade Gets Heard in Albany;
Feb, 2016- NYS Assemblyman Andrew P. Raia gave astounding support for Dr. Lori Trentacoste’s hearing health advocacy for Suffolk County youth by launching a bill proposal in the NYS Assembly to enforce testing in 12th Grade. Mr. Raia who is also the ranking member of the Assembly’s Health Committee in Albany has already gained great sponsorships from many elected officials with this proposal. The final year of hearing testing before teens go off to college is considered the most at-risk age for hearing disorders prompted by technology abuse, metabolic changes and health issues. “Passing this bill would be a touchdown for our struggles with our current hearing health epidemic... and by dedicating attention to the hearing loss problem in youngsters, early detection can also brings to light possible learning issues as well as any psychological, social or physical health problems,” says Dr. Trentacoste.

It's been a great 2015 in the news for the LIAHP. Executive directors Dr. Lori Trentacoste (IBH) and Lennard Gettz (licaregivers.org) has has a busy road schedule meeting with legislators, delegates, community leaders, labor unions, medical directors and principals of major corporations fulfilling their crusade about the global pandemic of hearing loss. They present facts and topics pertaining to current solutions but the true objective to the presentation is to raise AWARENESS on a widespread level so as to get the right support for all sufferers as well as enact a PREVENTION campaign. Meet just some of our newfound allies in the fight against hearing loss (read below)!

TESTIMONIALS: Check out what some of our honored friends are saying about LIAHP.

Hearing Preservation Awareness Reaches L.I. Entertainment & Music Hall Of Fame
August 18, 2015.- The LIAHP delivers a resounding presentation to the board of directors of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. Dr. Lori Trentacoste and educational director Lennard Gettz provides this recognized music society with a staggering report on the major culprits of hearing disorders and the major populations who suffer in silence- the third largest being the musicians' community. Topics ranged from technology safety, theater volume levels, student and professional experiences with noise abuse, aging with hearing loss and the LIAHP crusade to provide free screenings in music retail stores.

Norm Prusslin, Co-founder / board member of the LIMHOF states, “The work that the Long Island Alliance for Hearing Preservation does is so very important to all Long Islanders, particularly those involved in the music community . Hearing loss, tinnitus and a variety of inner ear diseases are health issues that so many musicians, engineers , technicians and audience members experience. The LIMHoF board thanks LIAHP for helping to get the word out about these often misunderstood health concerns and issues."

(from L-R) Tom Needham, Paule Pachter, Joe Jankowski, Rob Dodaro, Dr. Lori Trentacoste,
Lennard Gettz, Ernie Canadeo, Barry Fisch, Norm Prusslin and Amy Tuttle -
Long Island Music Hall of Fame (photo courtesy of Joseph Soulier- Island Better Hearing)

Spring 2014, the LIAHP targeted musicians, music fans and the entertainment industry as part of a major campaign to bring awareness, safety education and resources for hearing health. This demographic group is part of the 40+ Million cases of hearing loss in America (as per statistics from the USEDC) whereas the modern music market (and its respective technologies) is greatly associated with volume abuse and limited safety regulations resulting in ear damage. Executive producer, Joe Jankowski connected with the LIAHP in early 2015 during the launch of their awareness program to music retailers. "As members of the music community on Long Island, we know all too well how prolonged exposure to loud music can affect you.  It is wonderful to know that LIAHP is here to protect something that is vital to your well-being.”

LIAHP awareness and hearing safety projects include visiting local bars, clubs and theaters suggesting volume safety standards in live performances.

The roster of LIAHP programs focus on limited target groups; the industrial and municipal workers, the elderly, and the music community. Lennard Gettz spearheads the awareness program for the music society because of a personal crusade sparked by a devastating crash of his career as a (now former) music producer, sound engineer and band promoter. In 2013, he contracted significant hearing loss, tinnitus and other hearing disorders which led to a devastating decline in his work performance. "Musicians and music lovers are both at risk for major hearing issues due to a reckless disregard for safety-- to this day, there's next to zero prevention and safety regulations in earbuds, headphones, amps, speakers and playing devices ... this is why awareness programs are (now) crucial for musicians as far as the major hazards in volume control and damage caused by high frequency sounds."

The LIAHP continues its educational public programs for awareness while developing partnerships with community leaders to support hearting health in Long Island. In the spring of 2016, Dr. Trentacoste joins her colleagues Dr.Tara Mazzone and Dr. Tracey Lynch of Island Better Hearing (Melville) to deploy a major educational multimedia campaign with support from local musicians, theater producers and the Cinema Arts Center of Huntington about hearing disorders in entertainment called "WHEN THE MUSIC FADES".

# # #

For media contact, email: carmen@imworx.com or call: 631-920-5757. Article written by: Carmen Regallo-Dewitt of the Right Writers for responseli.com and licaregivers.org. Copyright (c) 2015. All RIghts Reserved.

The LIAHP AMBASSADORSHIP AWARD is distributed to major supporters of the awareness program and are chosen based on their proactive efforts to communicate and recognize the need for hearing health in their area. On Sept. 2015, leadership prevails from all fronts when Indian Motorcycle of Mineola sparked other dealerships to join the "fight against hearing loss". Sales executive and Nassau distributor Luis Ferrer brought the LIAHP awareness to the commercial sector by promoting hearing health in his retail community. "If you want a real study of die-hards or a disregard for rules, you've come to the right place", starts Ferrer. "Bikers are known for their for poor diets, back pain (from long rides) and hearing loss ... we all think we're invincible until that fateful doctor's checkup that points out just how mortal we really are. I think this form of AWARENESS is just the kickstart that bikers need to start caring for the rest of their lives!"

Vice President, Kenny Zegarek of MineolaMoto is a retired sport-bike racing professional and has dedicated his entire profession to studying the sport and the history of motorcycle design. "It's the nature of the flesh-on-motor sport to come out with Tinnitus and Hearing loss... that ringing in your ears that happens when you have 70mph wind blowing into your ears for hours does not always go away. They finally just came out with legal ear plugs for bikers that isolates the damaging noise but getting a biker to think safety is the challenge!"


Aug 13, 2015- Suffolk Comptroller John M. Kennedy Jr. met with Dr. Lori Trentacoste at Island Better Hearing (Melville, NY) to discuss her Island-wide commitment to education in hearing health and safety.She also outlined her objectives in co-founding THE L.I. CAREGIVERS GROUP- a professional alliance of health-related healers and they collaborated on public events and seminar opportunities for the group and its members. As a major supporter of a healthy Long Island, Mr. Kennedy showed genuine support for the LIAHP by extending his network of community leaders and public events. “As I myself use hearing aids, I can attest to the importance of being properly diagnosed and then provided with hearing aids. The LI Alliance for Hearing Preservation and Dr. Lori Trentacoste is a godsend in improving people’s lives.”

Jan 15- The Annual Ronald Reagan “Gipper Award” ceremony celebrated local elected officials such as Congressman Lee Zeldin at The Larkfield in East Northport, New York. The ceremony also highlighted the efforts of other elected officials for a lifetime achievement award including Huntington Town Councilman Eugene Cook and Islip Town Councilman John C. Cochran, Jr. Within the company of greats is our own LIAHP president Dr Lori Trentacoste (a non-elected official) who also received the lifetime achievement for her decades of contribution in public service for hearing loss prevention. "Lori has been recognized in many community leadership circles for her courage and dedication to a worthwhile and tireless cause".
Sept 3- LIAHP Secretary of Education Carmen Regallo meets with Richard Resnick of Project Risk Consultants to discuss health safety standards and regulations in the construction industry. Resnick has been a major contributor for countless safety articles in ENR Construction Magazine and whose specialized insurance consultancy firm focuses on evaluating levels of risk in building projects. Mr. Resnick is recently inducted into the LIAHP "Hearing Health in the Workplace" program and and by outlining risk mitigation with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to promote better safety standards as to loss of hearing.

August 2015- Recent talks of a major joint project to launch a fundraising program for Suffolk County's hearing impaired community Huntington's Cinema Arts Centre. Founder and CEO Charlotte Sky has been a long-time ally of the LIAHP and is in support of helping the alliance's cause by inviting a who's who of Long Island to this major community landmark! As part of this proposed fundraising program is the LIAHP's contribution to produce a documentary film project about Cinema Arts Centre's historical contribution to the history of arts on Long Island.

"Dr. Lori" Reaches Major Milestone with Board of Health Presentation; Gets Blessing to Launch Crusade

May-July 2015: LIAHP spokespersons Dr. Lori Trentacoste (audiologist) and educational director Lennard M. Gettz meets the entire board members of the Suffolk County Board of Health to present their complete findings on "the third largest health epdiemic in the nation". As hearing loss in America ranks at 40+ million cases strong, the LIAHP believes this disorder does not receive the attention it truly deserves from the public and government sectors.

"I am so amazed at the positive response we received from the officers of the Suffolk County Board of Health", starts Trentacoste. "As a Long Island-based organization, connecting with the County officers is a milestone in getting the right help and direction to bring awareness to our Island"

Directors present included: Dr. James Tomarken (Chair), Vice President Tracy A. Trypuc, RN, J. Ronald Gaudreault, Dr. Christine Doucet, Patricia Bishop-Kelly, Legislator Dr. William Spencer and Dr. Stephen L. Dewey. They received the LIAHP's program covering what is aptly titled "the 2015 love your hearing" presentation. “Dr. Trentacoste’s presentation to the Suffolk County Board of Health last May was compelling and shed light on this significant public health concern. It is important that Suffolk County residents know that hearing loss can sometimes be prevented and, for those who may already be noticing signs of hearing impairment, to know that that early intervention, resources and treatment options are available to them,” states Dr. James Tomarken.

Resounding support came from this special meeting where intrigued health leaders of the board gave their complete back-and-forth with the presentors and were captivated by Dr. Trentacoste's detailed report on the many new cases of hearing loss in our society. She shared her 20+ years in providing free public awareness and advocacy and aroused the audience about her solutions on achieving insurance coverage for hearing loss. She also expressed her new resources for free help for war veterans.

Additional topics surfaced from Dr. Trentacoste's support teammate, Lennard Gettz whose experience in the music and construction industries counted additional numbers to the culpprits for hearing impairment. "Safety is a major part of our campaign... we shared our plans to reach audio equipment manufacturers, music retailers, industry-grade hearing protection makers and construction safety agencies about recognizing this major epidemic-- unanimously, the health board gave us their full support on this!"

DEPRESSION is a disorder which affects around 350 million people on a global scale, according to the World Health Organization WHO. This mental condition is one of the leading causes of disability in the world, and is now being seen as a major contributor to the overall global burden of the disease. (World Health Organization WHO , 2012).
This condition is different from regular mood fluctuations and has the tendency to become a serious health condition if it becomes severe. There are a number of reasons which contribute to the development of depression in an individual, and hearing loss is considered to be one of the contributing factors.
Hearing Loss And Depression- The Connection

According to the statistics submitted by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders NIDCD, around 36 million Americans have been reported to suffer from hearing loss. This comprises around 17% of the adult population of the country, which is an alarming statistic in itself.
Hearing loss is attributed to being the third chronic health condition most prevalent in older adults. But statistics show that only 20% of the individuals, who can benefit from the treatment, actually opt for medical help. (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA))

Suffering from hearing loss is an individual experience, and every person responds differently to the condition. Many individuals suffering from hearing loss are known to experience conditions like depression, anxiety, frustration, and social isolation. (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)). The stress of dealing with the hearing loss, results in depression which might be moderate or severe.


WILLIAM R. SPENCER, MD - Suffolk County Legislator
Sept 26- “Too often, hearing issues go undiagnosed and lead to miscommunication between patients, family members, and health care providers.” said Suffolk County Legislator William R. Spencer, M.D.  “I look forward to working with the Long Island Alliance for Hearing Preservation to increase educational outreach and awareness about this issue. Together we can encourage medical staff and the public to become more sensitive to the needs of those suffering from hearing loss.”
ANDREW P. RAIA - New York State Assemblyman
Sept 3- “It was a pleasure to meet with Dr. Lori Trentacoste, one of the top audiologists in our area, to discuss the growing issue of hearing loss; as well as the early intervention programs, resources, and treatment options available to those at risk for hearing loss.  It was great to learn about the mission of the Long Island Alliance of Hearing Preservation (LIAHP), and how the alliance is providing free screenings, treatment, and financial support to fellow Long Islanders.  I look forward to working collaboratively with Dr. Trentacoste and the LIAHP to help bring more resources to those afflicted by this debilitating condition.”

CHAD LUPINACCI - New York State Assemblyman
Nov 21- “The meeting with Long Island Alliance for Hearing Preservation exposed me to a new pandemic: hearing loss among younger age groups,” Lupinacci said. “I encourage the residents of New York State to consider the damage that may be done to their hearing next time they use their devices and use discretion when considering headphone volume levels,” Lupinacci said. “I look forward to continued work with my colleagues and audiology experts to pass meaningful legislation to bring awareness to this growing trend in our society.” (ARTICLE)

JOHN M. KENNEDY JR - Suffolk County Comptroller
Aug 13- As a major supporter of a healthy Long Island, Mr. Kennedy showed genuine support for the LIAHP by extending his network of community leaders and public events. “As I myself use hearing aids, I can attest to the importance of being properly diagnosed and then provided with hearing aids. The LI Alliance for Hearing Preservation and Dr. Lori Trentacoste is a godsend in improving people’s lives.”